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virus protection for j720

charlie Page Icon Posted 2004-10-14 9:36 AM
hi, just started using my j720 for net access using wifi to access my broadband connection at home.

its fun but the more i use it the more likely it is that i'll pick up a virus and spread it to other pcs (i sync the jornada with networked laptops at work and at home).

any ideas on the best way of protecting against viruses, any software designed for the 720 or sensible procedures for avoiding this problem ?
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2004-10-14 10:14 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
There are one or two windows CE scanning engines, but really it's not a good idea (personal view, not site view). The RAM overhead, having to update dats all the time, the scanning.
Plus the damage that will result on Solid state sotrage, which only have limited life expectancy based on reads / write actions.

There are no majorly nasty virus's for CE, as you said though there is always a chance that something could get transferred (In file and perhaps email transfers anyway).
My advice is ensure that virus and trojan scanners are installed on the recipical PC's. Lavasoft Ad-aware is an excellent free Trojan scanner.
As for virus scans. Personally I wont touch Norton AV.

McAfee VS8 Professional, as well as the home / pro versions of VS6 and VS7 have Windows CE host side scanners. Install them on all devices, give the device a one over (including ROM which leads to a funny thought of "what if there is one in ROM"). Then just have VS monitor all sync activity.

I would advise against regular scanning of CF devices due to the damage it can do to the hardware. There are no such problems with the device RAM.

Other things you can do is install all the latest Office updates (most likly way something nasty can get up to the device is via Office) and in the various office applications.
Tools > Macro > Security
Ensure that they are set to high.

Office Patching guide can be found here:
Office Updates Guide
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charlie Page Icon Posted 2004-10-18 9:46 AM
.. thank you, very sensible advice
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