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KERNEL devs needed!

Darkrift Page Icon Posted 2008-03-01 9:05 PM
For anyone with a jornada 7XX, 6XX or nec 900c I am sure you have heard about Jlime linux. It has come a long way and for the most part is doing very well. The project is slowing signifigantly due to shortage of kernel developers. Currently Kristoffer is the only one working on the kernel, with a few people pitching in as time permits. If you are experienced in linux kernel development, and own any of these devices, we sure could use your help. I myself am unable to do much due to lack of tools/experience, but I am willing to pitch in any way I can. Please stop in on irc.freenode.net #Jlime if you think you can help.

Here is Kristoffers most recent assesment of the project(s):

* RTC is fixed thanks to Rafael.
* B_Lizzard and Rafael are working to get sound working default in userlands
* APM outputs sensible values again

* Reduced Spamminess of output
* Smaller and hopefully quicker kernel.

* Smaller and hopefully quicker kernel.

A quick list on what still needs to be fixed :
[HP6XX] - Suspend / TouchScreen
[HP7XX] - Suspend / TouchScreen / Sound
[MP900C] - Suspend / Sound / USB

I personally have the 900c, and cannot wait for this distro to be completed. I am running jlime, and love it even without usb/sound/apm/suspend and with a slightly buggy TS (something seems to cause TS to stop working once in a while)

If you have one of these devices but are unable to help, feel free to test out jlime and see how you like it. It is currently still beta, so there isnt much support and the files arent listed on the downloads page (they are on devfiles.jlime.com)

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