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mobilepro can't start

ballys Page Icon Posted 2008-03-26 11:30 PM
I just bought a second hand Mobliepro 780. i have charged it for over 15 hours but nothing is showing on the screen is the a way out. Do i have to fix fc card before i need help please help me out.
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AdamRogers82 Page Icon Posted 2008-04-21 11:33 PM
Your device is bricked. The guy that sold this mobilepro to you probably knew it and sold it because he bricked it by accident.
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Rich Hawley Page Icon Posted 2008-04-22 6:10 AM
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With the old MIPS based Mobilepros, you really couldn't "brick" them as you can with a flashable rom Mobilepro such as the 900 series. Either they work or they don't.

1. Did the charging light ever turn from red to green?
2. Did you try a hard reset, where you push the little button that resides behind the main battery?
3. Do you hear any sound when you power the unit on, even though nothing displays on the screen?
4. Have you tried removing the ROM cover and removing and reinstalling both the ram and rom chips?

Reasons for asking:

1. Changing of the led from red to green shows the motherboard is working to the extent that it is properly charging the battery.
2. Sometimes a hard reset after a prolonged period of initial charging will resolve boot issues.
3. Hearing the typical startup sound shows the unit is probably functioning okay, but has lcd issues.
4. Sometimes the rom chips become loose in shipping and have to be reseated to reestablish good contact points.


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