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MCards and Superwaba error

sa1110 Page Icon Posted 2009-04-02 9:35 PM
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Hi, I installed a copy of MCards and Superwaba on a fresh (hard reset) Jornada 728. But when I ran mcards, an error message popped up.

Below is the message I received trying to execute mcards:

an error was found in the program being run by the superwaba vm.

error: can't access app classes
/m mcards mcards yzmT

please notify the program's author.
see debug console for details
(a txt in the program's folder)

I tried running superwaba, and it ran fine. What does the error msg mean?

The files I used to install are:
-- SuperWabaMCards.HPC2000_ARM.CAB (v4.5a)
-- MCards.HPC2000_ARM.CAB (v2.30)

Both are downloaded from MCards' website at: http://www.you2.de/homee.html
I've contacted them with no responses so far.

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