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Jornada 720/728 survey

Slycarter Page Icon Posted 2009-04-09 4:07 AM
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H/PC Philosopher

Hi again,
I just want to know if it worth upgrade from Jornada 720 to Jornada 728.
I have the chance to take a Jornada 728 but I want to know if it has general improvement than 720 or it is just a matter of 64 Mb of memeory.
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rumen_s Page Icon Posted 2009-04-09 5:10 AM
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Factor Fanatic

I think that other improvement is power consumption. Even with more RAM J728 consumes less. Battery life is:
J720 - up to 9 hours with 1,5 Ah battery and J728 - up to 14 hours with 1,95 Ah battery. So battery capacity is increased by with 30% while battery life by 56%.

Outlook is also different - some prefers J720, other J728. I do think it is easier to scratch top case of J728.

In general, I am for J728
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