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Jornada 728 - HPC 2000 Soft Reset and Volume Control Issues

alfabob Page Icon Posted 2005-06-06 4:42 AM

I've been experiencing these problems since I've gotten my 728.

Issue 1

The volume control on Windows Media Player/WinAmpaq just decides to not function after awhile. You can only turn the sound off, or it come back at whatever volume it was before.

Also, is there anyway to get the hardwired WMP buttons on the front to work with WinAmpaq?

Issue 2

In order to clear the above, I need to do a soft reset. Almost everytime a soft reset is done, my wallpaper disappears.

These aren't nagging issues, just inconvenient, but they can be a pain at times, especially the volume control.

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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2005-06-06 7:08 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
Issue one is down to the hp OSD sound profile driver. Basically you either need to use only the sound profiler (Alt + sound recorder) or only the Windows volume slider.

Using both inevitably mutes it. Fix it by hiking the media player volume to max and going into Volume in Control Panel and juggling the slider about.

Number two. Store the background image in RAM not on a Storage Card. CE loads the ATA driver after it draws the wallpaper, hence the issue.
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alfabob Page Icon Posted 2005-06-06 10:11 AM

Thanks mate. Appreciate the quick reply, as always.
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