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Simon Page Icon Posted 2005-06-11 7:42 AM
Hi - relishing being back in the community once more - now have Hum on Jornada 720 working very nicely. Two questions -

1. is there a dialogue / hack to get the front chasis buttons to work with Hum and not WMP ?
2. Is there any way to minimise Hum to an icon alone ? When I put Hum into the background it puts a lovely, useful icon in the toolbar, but also keeps the window open in the background, taking up toolbar space.

Thanks in advance,
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2005-06-11 7:53 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
Welcome, er... back
When you say back are you a pre-2002 user or just returning to the boards?
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Simon Page Icon Posted 2005-06-11 9:22 AM
I was a long time user - now back via ebay; j680, j720 and nec770. The selfless support of this forum has helped me get back where I was, and clued me up with new developments (mindmap, tombo, npop)

My Story; since you asked...

1. Psions and later eMates back when I was teaching - both in my life and in the classroom (check this - real old school - http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/leebank/)
2. Brief brush on projects promoting the DreamWriter IT ....(amazing these old free pages stay online for years - www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/8698)
3. ..... liked wince functionality so I ended up using NEC 770/800 and ListPro to run projects and make websites, (including www.bmag.org.uk)
4. Went freelance last year, using alphasmart dana and T3 with keyboard and datzviz M$ replacements. Used to write and organise exhibitions such as this one (http://www.punch-records.co.uk/Productions/From_Soho_Road_to_the_Punjab.aspx)
5. When it finally went into melt down remembered glory days of HPC. I'm on the train/ bike / scooter most of the time so laptop is too big / too yuppy for me.

OK - so how about my question now ?
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