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Pocket Access / Access Manager

Shalynne Page Icon Posted 2009-10-05 10:48 AM
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H/PC Newbie

I installed Pocketkai's Access Manager on my J728, but can't get it to work properly. For instance, I can create a new database, but it won't save. The Help file is also missing a component or two. (And yeah, I definitely downloaded the HPC version of the program.)

Has anyone else had problems with Access Manager? Or is there a better program out there? I need a program that allows me to export Pocket Access files to either MS Office or Open Office formats.

Many thanks for any wisdom you can provide.

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Rich Hawley Page Icon Posted 2009-10-05 1:15 PM
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Global Moderator
H/PC Guru

When you copy (drag) the Pocket Access .cdb file to your desktop, doesn't Activesync automatically convert it to an Office Access (.mdb) file? OpenOffice had a mdb reader you can add on. And there are many convertors that will convert mdb files to doc or txt files....
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