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how to install jlime icewm mongo on a jornada 720 ?

patrick295767 Page Icon Posted 2010-01-02 5:14 AM
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United States
Hello, I downloaded the last files:

# ls
icewm-image-Mongo-04.13.08.tar.bz2 jlinexec.exe params.txt
icewm-image-Mongo-08.07.08.tar.bz2 jlinexec_old.exe zImage-2.6.19-rc6

and used the howto with the last : icewm-image-Mongo-08.07.08.tar.bz2


I get a kernel error after booting the jornada 720, and I did all as indicated.
with the 2.6.19 kernel

Once I found a 2.6.31 kernel, and installed it and I never got kernel panic but the touchscreen is not working at all
I used as indicated in the howto :
cp cf_jlime/boot/zImage cf_win/zImage

Any ideas how to get icewm + touchscreen on the jornada, I have an uk keyboard.

Edited by patrick295767 2010-01-02 5:15 AM
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