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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2010-01-10 6:24 PM
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This has been mentioned in passing in a couple of old threads:



- but it's a pretty cool little utility created by one of the geniuses over at xda-developers.com:


It can make any window (even the desktop, so be careful with it) into a movable, resizable window. It's written for Windows Mobile 2003 devices, but it works almost flawlessly on CE 4.2 .net and higher devices. (The only issue is that sometimes the taskbar buttons for a window don't go away after closing the window.) It'll even work fine all the way down to H/PC Pro (ARM only of course) by hexediting the OS version on the file.

Resizing the window is done the normal Windows way, by moving the right-hand and/or bottom borders with the stylus or mouse. (Easy to do with the mouse; harder with the stylus, as it usually requires several tries to find the exact spot to touch the screen. ) If the window to be resized doesn't have a title bar, running FloatMe.exe a second time creates one.

Here's a screenshot from my Fujitsu Stylistic CT2020:


Attachments FloatMe.JPG (80KB - 2 downloads)
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Rich Hawley Page Icon Posted 2013-05-21 8:09 PM
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I'm looking for an application similar to FloatMe as shown above. But I want one wherein I run an application, it runs within the confines of that window. With FloatMe, I can launch a program, but when it opens, it fills the entire desktop.

Anyone have any ideas?
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