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SteveR Page Icon Posted 2005-06-20 7:44 PM
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Hello everyone,

My wallet is getting tight as I prepare for a service trip this summer...so I'm looking at getting rid of my 690 and I'm looking for offers from y'all.

It's a bit dilapidated...the CF slot is attached with electrical tape, a sticker is missing, the 1, 2, q, w, a, s, z, and x keys don't work properly (ie. if you press "1" it prints "12", press "q" and it prints "qw", etc...), and the question mark key is missing.

On a better note...

-battery holds 3-5 hours charge
-touchscreen works fine
-sound, cf, modem, serial all work
-cable, cradle, ac all included
-textmaker included!

So if you're willing to do a bit of fix-up, then this might be a nice little unit for you. You probably need a new keyboard (or know how to fix it) and some creativity for the CF slot, but that should do it. I can probably find the sticker (I probably sat it down and forgot about it).

Screen has minor scratching from use. I've always kept this in it's case. I got it on eBay last February for $170. It's cosmetically in pretty good condition, although it "clicks" when you shut it...probably something to do with the screen hinge.

Pictures can be found online at http://homepages.ucalgary.ca/~sdrudolf/Jornada/

Let me know if you're interested and make me a reasonable offer. I can be reached at sdrudolf at ucalgary.ca


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