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msn for cenet adjusted for hpc2000 jornada 720

pellos Page Icon Posted 2010-06-04 7:02 AM
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H/PC Newbie

Is there a way of getting the msn for nec 900c 4.2 adjusted to work for jornada 720? Is there a way of getting the needed dlls (shlwapi.dll, ole32.dll, coredll.dll)?

I have tried the following messengers
yahoo messenger (cannot sign in) Yahoo! Messenger.PPC_2577.CAB
aim2.0.17 working it is on aol site (aim.exe).
microsoft portrait 2.3 cannot sign in
imov got the free version (basic) for HPC2000 from here. Does connect to movsoftware.com server. but actually does not work. (cannot see users online)

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ntware Page Icon Posted 2010-06-04 3:09 PM
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H/PC Elite

Florida, US
I think that the best option for HPC2000 is using IRC with bitlbee server. It works great! I'm using it on my jornada for MSN account. But it seems that it works with AOL and Yahoo accounts too (never tried). So, just get any IRC client (I use quackerchat. It's simple, fast and great) and look on the internet about how to use the Bitlbee server for MSN or whatever chat account you wanna use. Then, enjoy!
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