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RedGear alternative or free?

MasterYster Page Icon Posted 2010-08-05 6:33 PM
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United States
Hey guys I hate to spam these forums with my questions but after a lot of looking around for a web browser that doesn't suck (IE 4 is the culprit) , I stumbled upon redgear. The only issue however is that redgear costs money and I am far too cheap to buy software that costs more than what I paid for my Jornada 720. So I was wondering if there was a free alternative to Redgear or if someone could provide me with a way to get Redgear for free. If someone can providde me with neither I would greatly appreciate a tutorial of how to get NetFront 3.5 working on a Jornada. Thanks a bunch!
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mscdex Page Icon Posted 2010-08-05 7:09 PM
Redgear was later made available for free.

Look at the second post from this thread: http://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=14874
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