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wallythacker Page Icon Posted 2011-03-08 9:09 PM
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H/PC Elder

Barrie, Ontario
Ok, first, the hcl. dangerously close to being useless? I tried using the links for both the spectrum 24 and linksys wpc11 to go to their respective support sites and the links are bad. I'm willing to be most of the links for most of the devices are probably bad. that's gonna wreak havoc on users looking for answers.

Ok, how do I find a cesd? I read that I want cesd0028 as it has drivers that might work for me but I have zero clue how to find it.

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MobilePro Master Page Icon Posted 2011-03-08 11:29 PM
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H/PC Philosopher

Pennsylvania, USA
Wouldn't the former be a better question to PM about? But anyway, I tried the links for different versions of the WPC11 and Spectrum 24 cards and all of them led me to the support sites for Linksys and Symbol, where I was easily able to find support for the cards by either using a search box or menu. Maybe something's wrong with your setup. Or you could use Google...

I don't think there is a list of CESDC articles or a CESDC search, you just find them in support under the category you need. So, here: CESDC0028. If you ever need to find one in the future without finding the support category, then do this:

1. Got to the browser's address bar.
2. Type "http://www.hpcfactor.com/support/cesd/c/
3. After the "c/" in the address, type the number of the article given to you, in this case type "0028"
4. Then end the address with ".asp"
5. Press "Enter" and there's your article.

PS- It's CESDC, not just CESD (for future reference )

Edited by MobilePro Master 2011-03-08 11:30 PM
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