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MobilePro 900c & Descent

Megalodon Page Icon Posted 2011-03-16 9:49 AM
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Some of you may remember a game from Interplay/Parallax software called Descent. It's one I played as a young kid, and I've enjoyed it ever since (and its sequels). Imagine my thrill when I found desCEnt - a port of the original Descent game for PPC. Well, I had heard that some PPC games could work on my HPC, so I downloaded it from here: http://www.bitsemantics.com/sideprojects/descent/

I transferred it to my device, and since I have the games, also the required HOG and PIG files. If you don't have the games, you can buy Descent 1 & 2, and a copy of DosBox to boot, at Good Old Games.

That finished, I tried it on my HPC. At first, it was fairly slow, so I overclocked to 472mhz and tried again. I had to reset my device to get out of the game (which the publisher mentions). Btw, GAPI came in handy here After that, and starting up the controls, I was able to enter the game. Voila! It worked like a charm and ran very well!

The main issues: The screen is for PPC, and apparently according to GAPI I can't rotate it. I use a MobilePro 900 as mentioned by the subject, but unfortunately it shoves it over to the side and rotates it 90d counterclockwise. I haven't figured out how to fix that yet. I'm also still familiarizing myself with the controls. Hopefully that'll get easier with time. Finally, yeah, you do have to reset your device to get out of it >.> If someone could change that, that would be good.

Overall, I was pretty impressed how well it ran. It wasn't even jerky - it ran about as well as I would have expected from a normal PC. If one of you can get it to display properly on your machines, or can come up with a better control scheme, let me know!

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