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Help with Jornada 720 rom dump

hlwilliams Page Icon Posted 2011-05-11 7:20 PM
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United States
I have a rom.dump file from my 720. I can extract the files with dumprom but the dll's won't work in depends or Idapro. I have several programs that work perfectly on my 720 but do not work on either my CE5 or CE6 machine and I am trying to see the difference in depends and Idapro. I know the dll's need to be relocated but Cemonex's relocation tutorial is missing from the site and Wayback machine doesn't have it archived. Can someone please give some information on the correct way to extract a rom dump from a 720. I have the information for the 900C from Comonex's site but I don't know the 720's rom structure. Any information anyone can give will be appreciated.
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