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[JLime ipkg] emacs-goodies-el (35.2)

nathanpc Page Icon Posted 2012-06-17 4:29 PM
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H/PC Philosopher

Official release letter: gmane.linux.distributions.jlime.general

Download: emacs-goodies-el_35.2_all.ipk

I just converted the Debian emacs-goodies-el package to be added to the JLime repository. This version will work within all the distros available.

If you are running the Mongo kernel (for the Jornada 7xx) you can get Emacs from this site: http://nettle.myphotos.cc/ax/linux-arm/jornada720/ipks/

If you have a Jornada 6xx you can get Emacs from this site: http://nettle.myphotos.cc/ax/linux-sh3/emacs/

I've attached two files. One is the ipk that you can use to install the package, and the other, .tar.gz, is the files I've used to compile the ipk, so if you're interested in building ipks you can check those.

Here is the control file contents so you can understand what this package contains:

Package: emacs-goodies-el
Version: 35.2
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Nathan Campos
Priority: optional
Section: Editors
Description: Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs
This package contains:
align-string - align string components over several lines;
all - edit all lines matching a given regexp;
apache-mode - major mode for editing Apache configuration files;
ascii - ASCII code display for character under point;
auto-fill-inhibit - finer grained control over auto-fill-mode;
bar-cursor - change your cursor to a bar instead of a block;
bm - visible bookmarks in buffers;
boxquote - quote texts in nice boxes;
browse-huge-tar - browse tar files without reading them into memory;
browse-kill-ring - browse, search, modify the kill ring;
clipper - save strings of data for further use;
coffee - now Emacs can even brew coffee;
color-theme - changes the colors used within Emacs;
csv-mode - major mode for comma-separated value files;
ctypes - enhanced Font lock support for custom defined types;
dedicated - make a window dedicated to a single buffer;
df - display in the mode line space left on devices;
dict - wrapper around the 'dict' command. (Depends on bash and dict)
diminish - shorten or erase modeline presence of minor modes;
dir-locals - provides directory-wide local variables;
edit-env - display, edit, delete and add environment variables;
egocentric - highlight your name inside emacs buffers;
eproject - assign files to projects, programatically
ff-paths - $PATH-like searching in C-x C-f;
filladapt - enhances Emacs's built-in adaptive fill;
floatbg - slowly modify background color;
framepop - display temporary buffers in a dedicated frame;
graphviz-dot-mode.el - mode for the dot-language used by graphviz (att).
highlight-beyond-fill-column - highlight lines that are too long;
highlight-completion - highlight completions in the minibuffer;
highlight-current-line - highlight line where the cursor is;
home-end - alternative Home and End commands;
htmlize - HTML-ize font-lock buffers;
initsplit - split customizations into different files;
joc-toggle-buffer - fast switching between two buffers;
joc-toggle-case - a set of functions to toggle the case of characters;
keydef - a simpler way to define key mappings;
keywiz - Emacs key sequence quiz;
lcomp - list-completion hacks;
maplev - major mode for Maple;
map-lines - map a command over lines matching a regexp;
markdown-mode - major mode for editing Markdown files;
marker-visit - navigate through a buffer's marks in order;
matlab - major mode for MatLab dot-m files;
minibuf-electric - electric minibuffer behavior from XEmacs;
minibuffer-complete-cycle - cycle through the *Completions* buffer;
miniedit - enhanced editing for minibuffer fields;
mutt-alias - lookup and insert the expansion of mutt mail aliases;
muttrc-mode - major mode for editing Mutt config files;
obfusurl - obfuscate an URL;
pack-windows - resize all windows to display as much info as possible;
perldoc - show help for Perl functions and modules. (Depends on perl-doc);
pod-mode - major mode for editing POD files;
pp-c-l - display Control-l characters in a pretty way;
projects - create project-based meaningful buffer names;
prot-buf - protect buffers from accidental killing;
protocols - perform lookups in /etc/protocols;
quack - enhanced support for editing and running Scheme code;
rfcview - view IETF RFCs with readability-improved formatting;
services - perform lookups in /etc/services;
session - saves settings between Emacs invocations and visits to a file;
setnu - setnu-mode, a vi-style line number mode;
shell-command - enables tab-completion for shell-command;
show-wspace - highlight whitespaces of various kinds;
silly-mail - generate bozotic mail headers;
slang-mode.el - a major-mode for editing S-Lang scripts;
sys-apropos - interface for the *nix apropos command;
tabbar - Display a tab bar in the header line;
tail - "tail -f" a file or a command from within Emacs;
tc - cite text with proper filling;
thinks - quote texts in cartoon-like think bubbles;
tlc - major mode for editing Target Language Compiler scripts;
tld - explain top-level domain names;
todoo - major mode for editing TODO files;
toggle-option - easily toggle frequently toggled options;
twiddle - mode line hacks to keep you awake;
under - underline a region with ^ characters;
upstart-mode - mode for editing upstart files;
xrdb-mode - mode for editing X resource database files.
See /usr/share/doc/emacs-goodies-el/README.Debian.gz for a short
description of all files, or the Info node `emacs-goodies-el' for details.

Edited by nathanpc 2012-06-17 4:30 PM
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2012-06-18 9:10 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
Emacs, awesome Good work.
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ArchiMark Page Icon Posted 2013-08-02 4:23 AM
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H/PC Sensei

Silicon Valley
Excellent work.....

Are you still using JLime and the Jornada?.....

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