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free memory on my jornada 720

meolo2002 Page Icon Posted 2012-06-18 9:15 AM
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Hi to everybody... now that i had installed opera on my jornada 720, i'm facing another little problem... the memory!
due to the fact opera have to be installed on ram the problem it'is beeing important.

So the question is this... i use very few of built in programs.. is it possible to cancel someone (like i.e but i don't know if in ce 3.0 it's related with windows as xp)
? teorically in base of my low experience it's possible to delete some files in ram with total commander... but i've not verified if this is related with a real clearing of memory even because the files are in the rom...

It's possible to gain memory in this way?
And could you suggest me a good program to manage memory?
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