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Need a universal to unlock my usb port

Jimmyfresg02 Page Icon Posted 2014-07-18 2:31 PM
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Dominican Republic
My name is jimmitry i live in domincan republic i by a second hand notebook sharp handheld pc sharp HC-VJ2C everytime i put a usb they ask me a code by the way the windows is in mandarin(china langage) i dont understand the language id like to reboot the notebook and the windows because the usb port ask for a code everytime i conect a usb i want to know how i can change the usb code how i can get rid with that code how a can rebook the notebook to change the windows how i can change le languange of the windows please i want yo to help me with my pc
Other info on the notebook A00-0063JP
17001021, SY1020001177
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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2014-07-18 6:10 PM
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Southern California
I can't help you with changing the language because it's in the device's ROM, which can't be changed. For the USB driver, go to this page:


Click on the Download button next to "Inflated.zip." Open this ZIP file and copy the file "cl_m3112.cab" onto a CF card. Put the CF card into the CF slot of the device, and then open "My Handheld PC" on the device. Go to the CF card folder (it will probably have a different icon from the others) and find cl_m3112.cab. Double-tap on that to install the driver. After that the USB stick should show up, though it will also have some strange characters as its name.

Hope this helps.
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