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HP Jornada 420 long delays in Tasks application

aab Page Icon Posted 2014-09-19 10:52 PM
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I was using a Casio E-100 for To do lists and reminders and recently synced all data over to the HP Jornada 420 I recently got which I now use instead of the E-100.

Every few days when I go to the Tasks application I get an hourglass for 1-5 minutes before the application appears, this had never, ever happened (not even a 5 second wait time) on the E-100 or any other Palm Size PC. Is this a problem with the SH3 processor, or could the Tasks database somehow be corrupt? If it keeps doing these 1-5 minute delays every few days I'll probably stop using the Jornada 420 for this and go back to the E-100. I'm leaning towards it being related to the SH3 processor as it's my firs PSPC with this CPU type and my first PSPC to ever have these long delays.


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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2014-09-20 3:09 AM
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I don't recall ever having this issue with my 430SE. I'd suspect a software problem, either with the database or the application. Looking at the Tasks Database using a database reader might give a clue. You can try Micro Cheng's Data:

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