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Power / Battery Issues on NEC MobilePro 880

SirThoreth Page Icon Posted 2016-03-11 7:50 PM
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I originally posted this in the MP 880 Battery Rebuild thread, but I've got more going on than just the battery itself. At the moment, I'm seeing three separate issues that appear to be power related.

First, I've got a MobilePro 880 that, when I plug it in, appears to charge the battery for 2-3 seconds, based on the orange light, but then goes back to the standard green light. The battery does not appear to actually charge, and the plug feels a little more loose in the jack than normal, but is still delivering power to 880.

When I check the power settings in the control panel or task bar, it shows it running off internal power, that the backup battery is "Good", but does not show status for the main battery. Under the section indicating when the main battery was installed, and time left on the battery, it says "not supported", with the percentage left on the main battery as 10%. The unit immediately powers off when the AC adapter is unplugged.

Thus far, I was thinking it either needs to have the main battery rebuilt or replaced. The plug seemed workable, though I may at some point want to do the replacement of the plug posted to the site, just to stave off when the stock one finally does fail.

Here's where things get weird, though. The backup battery is reading as Good, and I've been able to unplug the power adapter, plug it back in, and still have my system state. However, in some instances when the plug gets bumped, my MobilePro will either lock up or reset, after which the system state will be lost, and I'll need to restore. I'll also periodically get screen artifacts when turning it on or resetting, which sometimes requires another soft reset to resolve which periodically causes the system to hard reset instead, losing its system state.

So, I'm still suspecting dead main battery and failing DC plug, but am I also looking at a failing backup battery? Failing main board?

Addendum: So, I just happened to unplug the AC adapter while my MobilePro was on, and not only did it shut off, but after plugging it back in, it would not power back up until I hit the reset button...which also hard-reset the device again. So there's that.

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Rich Hawley Page Icon Posted 2016-03-11 10:08 PM
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All sounds normal for a unit with a bad main battery....of course you know that the backup battery is a rechargeable lithium ion cell, 3.0V. It recharges from the main power circuit, so if you interrupt it for any reason, bad main battery or lose a/c connection...it will not charge. It is rare, but I've had to replace a few backup cells in my time on these Mobilepros.
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