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Windows CE vs Linux
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Windows CE is awesome! I don't really care about Linux.
Linux is awesome! I don't really care about Windows CE.
Linux is horrible! Much too fiddly to use properly. I prefer WinCE.
Windows CE is a terrible OS! Linux is open source and faster!
I want control over my HPC and hate closed source software! Linux!
I want a familiar interface on my HPC, not a strange penguin.
I like both!Yoldering
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SwizzleDude Page Icon Posted 2016-05-15 2:18 PM
Which operating systen do you prefer?
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Jake Page Icon Posted 2016-05-15 4:42 PM
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H/PC Vanguard

Choking on the stench of ambition in Washington DC
I've used both extensively, and at the end, I went back to CE. In Jlime/Opie, I was able to run Textmaker for Sharp Zaurus, but its typing lag in multi-page documents was a deal-breaker.

Konqueror is a far more current browser than IE, and I think you can prolly get WPA working in Jlime.

Still, with Redgear, a relatively bug-free TM, and Egress RSS, on my J720, I stick with HPC2000.

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Alt Bass Page Icon Posted 2016-05-15 7:48 PM
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H/PC Sensei

If there was something like Cygwin for CE, I'd not care. Without it, I'd prefer *nix/BSD based distro if given an option.

I have vanishing need of using HPC nowadays.
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Dave Wurm Page Icon Posted 2017-04-07 6:40 AM
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Factor Fanatic

United States
I've done some experimenting with Jlime on a Jornada 720 / 728.

So far, I'm a bit disappointed. The Browsers that I've tried, from the Jlime repository work, but none of them handles SSL very well. Most HTTPS sites won't connect, or produce errors.

I've tried Dillo, Minimo, Midori and Firefox. I'm sure all of these are pretty old versions. I haven't tried to install anything that is not in the repository, figuring that they have already been configured for the HPC. The ipkg installations did not work smoothly. I had to add dependencies individually for Midori. I'm sure there are configuration issues that I haven't figured out. Although I've learned quite a bit about Linux, in the process, it hasn't produced the results I was hoping for.

The J720/728 works very well under WinCE. So far, I much prefer the CE performance. The CE programs that I use are pretty bug free, and run smoothly. My one issue is the lack of a secure browser.

Is there is a better Linux browser that will run under Jlime?


Edited by Dave Wurm 2017-04-07 6:44 AM
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