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Can I use nickel–metal hydride batteries in my HP 320LX?

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mannipulo Page Icon Posted 2016-08-20 10:49 PM
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Rich Hawley - 2016-08-20 5:53 PM

Mannipulo, you are correct...with the caveat that you mentioned. Do not go to max capacity! No telling what would happen if you forgot and left it plugged in charging for a couple of days...

Sorry for my bad english...

I never let any device charge for days or even several hours this is a mistake, that no one should do.
In the case of hp 320 lx I know enough x hours, always stay near the machine to turn it off.
Or go to somewhere, but I know that ace x hours have to be there to switch off.

Who has no patience can buy an outlet with a timer, program the Mechanism and when the time comes shuts down alone.
I've used this system, but I have no patience to walk to set the timer for every device I own ... lol

I never had problems with batteries.
I have a collection of Sony and SE phones, I still have the original batteries and work practically with the same capacity.
I have 1 hp 320 lx, 2 hp jornada 720, 1 Psion Revo, all original.

When charging, when the LED goes green, I just turn off the transformer.

Vida Forte e Jovem para todos...

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Rich Hawley Page Icon Posted 2016-08-22 1:41 AM
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Outlet with a timer is great idea...
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