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PPC - Toshiba e800 display and buttons not working

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markfptuson Page Icon Posted 2017-04-19 1:07 PM
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Bought this Tosh e800 from a car boot sale, no battery, £3. Got a battery for it off eBay which arrived this afternoon.

The device fired up fine, but I noticed that none of the buttons were working except the power button, so I opened it up (carefully!) to see if any contacts inside had got come schmutz in them. They hadn't, but I cleaned them anyway. Put the thing back together, fired it up again, still the same. So I opened it up again, thinking I've obviously missed something, and when I put it back together yet again, the dislay isn't doing anything. Now, I've been very careful not to damage any ribbons, and I've even given all of those a clean in case that's anything to do with... well, anything. The device is coming on, making it's little ding-a-ling sound, but the display seems dead. I'm certain I can't have damaged it, and I've taken pains to make sure everything gets put back where it should be, but something is definitely wrong.

Has anyone got any experience with this sort of thing?

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