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Roadmate 2100T Software CD

TFGBD Page Icon Posted 2017-08-07 2:29 AM
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Eastern USA
Hey guys.

So I recently acquired a used Roadmate 2100T with the box and all accessories. It runs Windows CE 5.0 Core without Activesync support.

I see a bunch of these units on eBay without the CDs so there is clearly a need for copies of them. I recently realized that the only place to get the sync driver for the firmware update is the damn CD it comes with so I was hoping I could upload an .iso of it somewhere. Can someone write a CESD article for it? I also have an older firmware update for it in case they remove that from the site since it is "old" now. They also used to offer a paid firmware update to the 2.x version of the software but I'm sure that is long gone.

I was also thinking of making a dump of the older firmware it currently ships with.
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