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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2017-11-26 10:05 AM
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While poking around the Web for stuff for my BE-300s I came across this as a possible alternative PIM program that might fill in the gap left open by the lack of POOM databases on the BE-300 and my MIPS CE 5 devices:


Like cePIMS and Pocket On-Schedule, it appears to use its own database file(s) for saving PIM data. However, in order to sync with the CE device, it has to install a file on the device via ActiveSync. But it won't recognize either the BE-300 or the MIPS CE 5 devices as connected when I try to run the wizard to install the file on the mobile device - even though ActiveSync recognizes them as connected. (Maybe it's because they're not identified as Pocket PCs, even though the BE-300 is identified as "My Pocket PC" when explored through ActiveSync. Maybe it's their file structures. I really have no idea.)

The developer's original site (in English) is long gone, but I was able to track it down in the Wayback Machine:


I'm wondering if anyone has tried this program in the past and might be able to shed some light. If it can be made to work, I'd like to post it in the Software Compatibility List in hopes the developer will get wind of it and possibly be willing to release it as exemptionware.
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