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Getting GPS on my 6651

Scala Page Icon Posted 2005-07-24 2:09 PM
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Factorite (Junior)

I have one of the standard Etrex gps devices.... the old simple cheap one.
Anyways Is there any way to get it hooked up to my hpc so I can get directions and other goodies?

The only solution I thought might work is to get a serial cable for my etrex and then buy a female to female serial adapter to hook my sync cable to my etrex.
Then get some software... Is there any free map programs?

Anyways, would I need to install some sort of drivers for my Etrex or would it just work as soon as it plug it in?
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wally Page Icon Posted 2005-07-24 6:25 PM
Do a search, there's plenty of info about PS2005, Garmap, Ozi and others runniing well on a 6651.
As for your Extrex, I have no idea. Did you check the HCL? I imagine a gender bender would work with the gps and the 6651.
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