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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2019-06-12 1:25 PM
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H/PC Oracle

Fields End, UK
Has anyone else been watching the Chernobyl series?

I'm up to 3/5 currently.

There's some horrific stuff in there, but it is most engaging. I am pleased to see that it was made domestically too.

If you haven't, I recommend it; but be warned it is factually g-r-i-m.

I found some interesting video's on YT

This outlines what it all looks like now from a model

This is what it actually looks like recent-ish made by crazy people. The shot at 1:33 is the exposed top of the biological shield You can see the sensor buoy's on top of it

The white noise and scratches on the camera are the CMOS sensors being bombarded by radiation.

Interview with Anatoly Dyatlov, the plant deputy chief-engineer from 1994

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