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If you haven't tried the wonderful NetOp remote SW...Streamsicle, too!

willdao Page Icon Posted 2005-07-24 8:57 PM
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Factor Fanatic

Just a brief plug for some VERY cool SW that has extended the functionality of my HPC tremendously:

NetOp Remote Control enables a client (in my case a Jornada 720, but it could be another PC, etc.) to remotely control a host computer--e.g. one literally can control the host desktop from a distance, i.e. from a Wi-Fi hotspot. Instead of relying on tenuous mail SW, why not check your ACTUAL inbox? And/or access all files, peripherals, etc. (Scenario: you rin into an acqualntance at the local bookstore/gourmet coffee hotspot; synchronicity: she's looking for the solution to a troubling mgt. prob. , you're looking, as ever. to solve prob.'s--i.e. for consulting business. You pull out your J720, log into your home notebook, and drop your CV and a white paper into her inbox...and she's amazed at your effortless command of IT! You get the gig!

NetOp incorporates tech. (and literally is based on) code created for command/control of the EU stock exchange, from what I understand. It is both robust, in terms of security (it would have to be, right?!) yet the client for HPC2000 is remarkably concise,low resource footprint, etc. Command of your remote desktop is so instantaneous, it'll blow your mind...

I think it was in this forum that I initially heard about NetOp; if so, other users, PLEASE chime in! This SW is SO amazing! And, unfortunately, it's runs a bit "under the radar"; not too many folks are familiar with it. Unfortunately.

Killer synchronicity: I use my J720, among many other "productivity" uses, as an Mp3 toy, and ebook reader, etc. And, while I do enjoy using, for example, GSPlayer as a Shoutcast player, I also want to listen to my own, huge collection of albums. Instead of carrying more than a few on my large CF storage card, I "stream" my home collection of mp3s, connected to my "main" notebook via a USB 2.0 200GB external HD, and using the "streamsicle" software (do a google for it! RIAA will hate you, but, hey, the feeling is mutual, right?).

Streamsicle will randomly pick songs from your collection, and then stream 'em. But, you can select the "on deck," or "next in line" choice...and here's where NetOp comes in:

I'm sitting in my fave bookstore/coffee hotspot (wine and quiche, cheese plates with Kalamata brine-cured olives, the best cheesecake, too! Oh, and squeaky wood floors--the bomb, baybe, in Cahrleston, West Virginia!) and I enable NetOp...to change the next album in the lineup...I think I'm in the mood for some Miles Davis...as I read the latest news via AvantGo (thanks, Chris!), and then settle in for the last chapter in my new favorite novel, courtesy of MobiPocket...or Adobe 2.0, and my freinds at HPC factor...

Thanks, all! Just trying to give back...are we among the rare lucky IT-toting folks, or what?!!!

Willdao ("Will": Where there's a Will there's a Way...&etc.)
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cmonex Page Icon Posted 2005-07-24 10:17 PM
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H/PC Oracle

Budapest, Hungary
oh i'm sure netop is good.. i'll look at the trial maybe. just out of curiosity
but for users with XP Pro.. don't forget good old remote desktop (and TS client on the HPC)! it comes with XP for free
so yes, i know this feeling you describe, and it is very cool!
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