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Review: GPD MicroPC

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robertojones Page Icon Posted 2022-11-06 10:50 PM
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United Kingdom
@Jake thank you for the tips re. the hinges - I don't think it will be too much of a problem to forgo 'tablet' mode on this machine, I've tried it a couple of times and it makes for quite an uncomfortable tablet, mostly due to its thickness and weight as compared to a 'real' tablet. The motion the hinges go through makes me a little uneasy as well. What I was looking for when I bought it was a laptop / HPC format device with a touchscreen, and it's a good match for these criteria. Using it without access to the keyboard seems a waste anyway to be honest - I'm still surprised by how pleasant it is to type on.

I'll be sure to update with any issues or annoyances I do encounter - One thing it does appear to lack is the option of a 'silent' mode with the fan off, though I've been a bit reluctant to experiment with this so far as it seems to involve flashing the embedded controller, which sounds a bit scary!

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