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Will j720 charger fit 620lx?

Anton7610 Page Icon Posted 2019-09-13 4:26 PM
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Factorite (Junior)

Hello! Received hp 620lx from former service man who said that it won`t work. However, he obtained this 620lx more that 10 years ago and didn`t remember what was wrong with it.

I have only the device without any accessories. I also have a charger from Jornada 720. I tried to power 620lx on with that charger, but no luck - no reaction.

The question is - should it turn on with j720 charger, or not?

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stingraze Page Icon Posted 2019-09-14 2:35 PM
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H/PC Vanguard

Note that I don't own either of the device, and I may be incorrect.

From what I gather from several sites, 620LX is 12V at 1.5A . Jornada 720 is 12V at 2.5A .
If the center + or - is same as 620LX, it might work. This is important, because it sometimes is the opposite depending on AC adapters.

I have some bad experience with using a higher amperage than the specified adapter, although some say theoretically it doesn't matter if it is higher, so you might want to get a 620LX adapter cheap by getting a For Parts 620LX on eBay to play safe...


Edited by stingraze 2019-09-14 2:42 PM
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