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Wireless Help needed

berskyboy Page Icon Posted 2020-02-25 6:32 PM
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H/PC Newbie


I have a HP 620LX and enjoying it lots, I bought few PCMCIA cards but was not able to get wireless working. I have OS 2.11

D-Link Air DWL-650
Netgear MA401
Cisco Aironet 350 Series. (I was able to get the Aironet Utility installed) but don't know how to make a connection to my wireless. I'm able to make the wireless hidden without key, or with WEP ect... coz I have a Newton that connects to this one.

I just could not figure out how to connect to the wireless.

Anyone able to figure this out?

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joval Page Icon Posted 2020-02-28 5:17 AM
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H/PC Sensei

Northern California
hmmm...my experience is with wince 3.0 . For the MA401 you need the PrismNDS.dll driver(place it in windows folder), in settings/network folder on the drop down menu find prismnds...you have to set the ip address, subnet, and gateway(router) then pull the card out and put it back in. In programs/communication open remote networking and make a new connection, then open properties on it it and configure tcpip with static addresses (un-tick the box for server assigned box) and on name server do list DNS as the ip address of your router. Router set to no security or wep if you can still find one with wep option. (WPA does not work with these wifi cards)

It's all sort of goofy and crazy in my mind...and rather infuriating at times unless someone tells you about the remote networking set up!! Or so it was for me.

The aironet software is standard on the jornada...basically you set most of it in the program...

I guess that remote networking requirement must function somewhat like opening a port on a firewall between the router...without it you're doomed. Once you know about it its easy peasy to set up.

Hope this helps...maybe the Higher Ups here have a better explanation or tutorial...and know about wince 2.11...the server needs to have network shares set up too. If I get motivated I'll shows some screen images. on this subject.

Edited by joval 2020-02-28 5:28 AM
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2020-02-28 8:08 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom

I'm not sure what you mean by:

berskyboy - 2020-02-25 6:32 PM
I'm able to make the wireless hidden without key, or with WEP ect

Can you clarify?
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