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900c access to Network NAS pseudo-fix

joval Page Icon Posted 2020-03-12 3:25 PM
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Northern California

One project I have been working on lately is trying to set up the agere wifi card so it connects via an old dlink wep router to an old linksys NAS equipped with 2 usb drives.

With the jornada 720, once the agere wifi is set up one can use the tweaks2k2 program to map network drives easily as it will write the necessary changes to the registry. However this does not work with the 900c. even manually adding the same changes to the registry redir key doesn't work.

I am running on Cmonex's ROM which still retains the network security hoops to jump thru, so whereas the IE browser will log onto the NAS server to show a list of files, the windows explorer or total commander will not log onto the NAS for access.

The fix I have found that works is to use cmonex's registry editor and look for the comm key under local machine etc. Delete the security keys by highlighting each then choose edit delete. Do a soft reset and now when in the explorer, write the path to the NAS drive and it will show up and files can be accessed, (a log in pop-up will appear but just hit enter without logging in and the folder will be available). good for playing mp3, saving backups, etc.

I'll give better details later as this is still a work in progress...

There are some other tricks to come...
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