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Email on HP Jornada 720 working via my own email server

jayviking Page Icon Posted 2020-03-22 9:14 PM
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I finally managed to get email working on my newly purchased HP Jornada 720 but since i'm not an expert in WinCe it took quite a while, and the solution that I ended up with was a little different than I had imagined would be involved in getting mail to work on these old devices. So I just thought I would make a little post about how I did it in case someone mis facing the same challenge. There may be easier and better ways, which would be interesting to hear about.

No matter what mail client I downloaded for the 720, it would absolutely refuse to communicate with Google's servers. I tried every possible combination of SSL, STARTLS etc. to no avail.

After about a days worth of tinkering I finally gave up, and instead startet following this great step-by-step tutorial on how to setup a simple mail server on a Raspberry Pi: https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-email-server/

It took a little while, but the tutorial is accurate and easy to follow and didn't give me major problems. With a working mail server, I then tried the various email clients on the 720 again. I found that the built in "Inbox" and QMail will receive mail (POP) just fine, but when trying to send mail the SMTP authentication process would not work on these two clients. I ended up using nPopUK client which is great and free (npopuk304_wce30arm). nPopUk will let you setup the SMTP authentication as "PLAIN" which the Citadel mailserver on the Pi apparently requires.

So I may have overlooked a less time consuming and demanding way, and if so - please let me know But for now this works, and next will be to get my HP 620LX online and set up for mail as well.

Best regards,

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HPC:Fan Page Icon Posted 2020-03-22 10:14 PM
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Så bra NPopUK is a life saver for these old devices. Literally. Thanks for sharing your experience. I never thought about using a Raspberry Pi for a mail server. Gonna have to look into that.
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