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Jornada 680 and max CF card capacity

serenitatis Page Icon Posted 2020-07-07 8:34 AM
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Recently I became an owner of HP Jornada 680. My device came with 64 Mb noname CF-card. I have a idea to replace CF-card with more storage space and don't know about maximum card capacity supported by 680. Is someone have expirence with some modern 512+ Mb CF-cards with Jornada 680?

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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2020-07-07 10:01 AM
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Southern California
512 MB is no problem. I've used 512 MB cards in several different Windows CE 2.11 devices without any problems. Theoretically, Windows CE 2.11 can support cards up to 32 GB, but in reality it may not properly read cards bigger than 2 GB. See this tutorial for details:


There've been tons of threads here asking that same question. Search the forums with the keywords "max CF card size" and you'll see prior discussions of this same topic.
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