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hpcboy Page Icon Posted 2020-10-23 12:38 PM
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H/PC Philosopher

Hong Kong SAR
I've only heard that the rumored color Handera 330 was just a prototype and never got into production. I was in the Yahoo Group for TRGpro and Handera 330 back then, but no one there reported to have seen one.
Still remember flashing the different experiemental OS4 builds on HE330 was lots of fun (and crashes).
For Sony I owned a NR-70V and the European version of NX73V (with builtin bluetooth and extremely rare in Asia and America). The big con was those keypads which were a joke with key travel less than 1mm. That said, the multimedia functionalities were big selling points then, giving PalmOne a tough time to catch up with that with its battery of OS5 morphs. Honestly most of these Palm devices (perhaps except my Palm III and Handera 330, and the current Dana) are more or less entertainment gadgets. Not enough power and practical hardware features (esp. keyboard) for being a pocket daily drive. Diddling in graffiti was a counterproductive chore in retrospect.
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fantablium Page Icon Posted 2020-10-24 12:06 PM
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Factorite (Elite)

Just seen this thread, happy anniversary! I was always a Psion 5 fan but had owned palm V and a few PPCs along the way. I bought a J680e in ~2008 and have been hooked on the H/PC ever since my J728 is my daily driver and it syncs well with outlook 2010 under Win10.

HPCBOY, I'm liking your blog, I did a re-cell about 8 years ago but your blog makes me want to upgrade those batteries! 16 hours is mental!
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