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[REQ:GLOBAL] Jornada 720/728 English keyboard (or a junk machine with a good keyboard)

hpcboy Page Icon Posted 2020-09-24 5:28 AM
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H/PC Philosopher

Hong Kong SAR
I am looking for an English keyboard to replace the Japanese one on my Jornada 720, as the Japanese keys feel too small for my big hands. I may also consider buying a junk machine as long as the keyboard on it is working.

Please suggest a price. I'd pay for the shipping of course.

As an option, I would also be happy to exchange one of my 728 ROM board (64MB) for the keyboard. I have a few and have just tested two and both are working fine on my 720. I reserve one for my 720 Japanese machine and so (at least) one is open for trade.
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