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Windows CE 3.0 Technical Documentation Archive

can't remember Page Icon Posted 2020-09-25 9:14 PM
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Factorite (Junior)

I found this on Microsoft's website. I haven't seen this posted here or uploaded to the developer downloads so I'm sharing the link here. It's a .chm file containing guides, articles and an API reference for developing software for Windows CE 3.0.
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smb_gaiden Page Icon Posted 2020-09-28 6:35 PM
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Factorite (Elite)

Thanks, this will be cool for an upcoming develop for windows ce on windows ce i work on from time to time. Hopefully there's a good CHM reader for CE!

Components of sdk typically:
compiler/linker - Filled by TCC
Resource file compilers - Filled by Windres
Sample apps - Filled by MS's SDK
Header files - Filled by MS's SDK
Libraries to link - Filled by MS SDK and a script to make .def from the .dll
Documentation - That CHM info
Debugger - Ooops
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