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HPC poetry!

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hpcboy Page Icon Posted 2020-10-24 4:30 AM
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H/PC Philosopher

Hong Kong SAR
Came across this amusing poetry in my random youtube searching.

Poem One
There once was this thing from HP.
That fit in your pocket, you see.
A caveman would stare,
and pull out his hair,
and wonder, "What could this be?"

Poem Two
A funny thing happened on the way to the forum
when I encountered a group in search of a quorum.
They came from a city, the Burg on the Wire.
If I tried to describe it, you call me a liar.
They wanted to charge me a really large fee
For the dubious pleasure of sharing their treasure.
"I am a very good man. Mark my words if you can."
"But really, I say, "I simply won't pay!"
And with poetry, then, I proceeded to bore 'em.
Then proceeded myself on my way to the forum.

Poem Three
Nine lives has a cat, and each cat a name,
All of them different, none are the same.
Jaguar was first, it made quite a roar.
Coguar was next, oh, how it did soar.
Felix is third, my heart it does quicken.
Who knows what comes next, the clock is a tickin'.

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