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Macro to hide/unhide taskbar

Rocketman Page Icon Posted 2005-07-31 8:17 AM
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H/PC Philosopher

I switch my taskbar from "always show" to "auto-hide" mode a lot, in order to make use of that little extra bit of verticle screen real-estate. It annoys me to have to go through so many clicks to toggle this option on and off. Has anyone created a keyboard shortcut macro or something to toggle show/hide taskbar? How about a standalone app?

I remember many years ago a friend leant me an early HPC device (I think it was a Velo?). I was a big "Pilot" user (They hadn't yet been called Palm Pilots...). The HPC was really feature rich, but I commented to him how a lot of common functions took a lot of clicks to activate compared to my Pilot. These days I don't go anywhere without my Jornada 720 and my last Palm device is collecting dust on a shelf, but I still feel like many common functions are too "deep" in the interface.

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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2005-07-31 9:12 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
You should look at m3cro:

and PenCommander:

They're the best macro scripting utilities in the community.
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