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Accessing network share on newer server

cappypolaron Page Icon Posted 2021-05-04 5:20 PM
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H/PC Newbie

United States
I manage a fabrication company's network with a number of CNC machines with embedded versions of Windows, including Embedded XP, CE 5.0, and CE 4.2

Desktop users create operation "programs" (CNC fabrication instruction sets) for these machines and save to a network share on one of our servers. The machine operators can then grab these programs via the network share (over ethernet) and perform their work tasks related to those programs.

The 2003 AD server we previously used as a file server for these (and other shop-related files) was replaced by a 2019 AD server (long story short, new management wants an 'active warranty' on all our computer equipment, and the 2003 server was pushing 12 years of use). We're trying to avoid virtualizing a 2003 server and also keep things seamless for both the desktop and machine users. Unfortunately a compatibility issue has popped up that was missed in pre-deployment tests.

We've had no issues connecting the Embedded XP, and a CE 5.0 machine was used to test CE connectivity, so we were surprised when we encountered issues with the 4.2 machines post-deployment. The CE 4.2 machines are failing the login - "net use" returns "Command Failed: Status 5" or pops up repeated Login Failed boxes requesting credentials be re-entered (even failing when a Domain Admin provides credentials, so not tied to the machines' accounts). There's obviously some difference between how 4.2 and 5.0 authenticates, and the 4.2 isn't communicating 'correctly' with 2019. We're able to sneakernet as a workaround but trying to restore network connectivity.

Does anyone have any experience with getting 4.2 talking to a newer Windows server and know if there's any settings I can adjust (on either end) to get the 4.2 devices connecting? Hoping somebody can give me a nudge in the right direction.
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2021-05-04 5:50 PM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
CE 4 doesn't support SMB 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0, only 1.0. As it is insecure, Windows Server 2016 + disables SMB 1 by default.

You need to go into server manager on your file server > manage > add roles and features > next > next > next > next (to the Features tab) and enable SMB 1.0/CIFS file sharing support.

Depending on your security policy, you may also need to lower your signing and encryption standards too, but try enabling SMB 1.0 first.
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