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vxUtil Time Update helps Dual Boot

joval Page Icon Posted 2021-06-12 1:53 AM
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Northern California
C:Amie ; Thank you! Per your recommendation vxUtil is great for time/date update!!! Works well for J720 and MP900 (and MP800). Must change site to "time-d.nist.gov" (not default "time-a" ) and re-set your time zone in world clock to correct from Greenich Mean Time(GMT)! It's FREEware so if registration pop up locks you out, use registry editor to delete "name, keys, date" keys under
localmachine/ software/ camdrige/vxUti-- No soft reset is necessary either!l (May need to repeat in 27 days => trial period)

This is particularly useful for those of us Dual Booting back to WinCE from Devuan,etc. which wipes out the previous WinCE data and settings so a restore from backup gets back your data but time/date needs to be reset manually (ugh!), however vxUtil does the trick with ease. (In Devuan the ntp app does this automatically on boot-up once you set time zone.)

It's also useful to update MP900 after restore and to increase accuracy of my Date/Time CLocks..as HPC's lose a few minutes over months. Also batteries run down on the MP900's just sitting around unplugged requiring restore and time reset.

(Just so you know it does require wifi or ethernet to router connection)! I haven't tried to fully automate it on boot for WinCE... yet.

Thanks again!


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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2021-07-09 2:14 PM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
Glad to be of service ^_^
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