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I got a Jornada 520!

MissingMyHandheld Page Icon Posted 2021-08-04 2:03 AM
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United States
Hello, again!

I found a neat little HP Jornada 520 for USD $5 since my last posts. The device came with just its charger and 128MB CF card. My handheld works, booted to CE, and I restored it to factory presets. The device has scuffs and there's residue on the back from velcro strips. This 520 was obviously used for business.

When I searched the forums for references to the 520, there weren't very many. What sort of projects or fun applications have you used your 520s for?
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stingraze Page Icon Posted 2021-08-04 2:33 AM
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Jornada 520 is a Pocket PC device, running Pocket PC on SH3.
I think a lot of sites like Handango, Pocket Gear are gone so it's hard to get apps these days compared to ~15 years ago.

One place is:

You can still download old Pocket PC apps, maybe give it a try?

I liked using Leo's Flight Simulator on Sigmarion 3, it was amazing back in those days...
I enjoyed Kittpeak's Racing Days, which the site still exists:


It was like a Pocket PC version of Gran Turismo and Need For Speed combined.
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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2021-08-04 5:15 AM
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A lot of the apps in our Software Compatibility List were originally written for Pocket PCs, and some have SH3 versions. Also, both the .NET Compact Framework 1.0 and eMbedded Visual Basic were supported for SH3 Pocket PCs, and many apps that run under those runtimes will likely work quite nicely on the 520. (I have a 525, but I admit I haven't tinkered with it much since I got a 548, which even has a landscape mode. )
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