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Ericsson MC12 Schematic

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spacesmurf Page Icon Posted 2021-12-23 6:35 PM
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I bid for a working unit (or rather its twin HP 340LX) with Portuguese Win CE 2.0

Apparently, mine was missing its ROM chip (the tray below the keyboard from my first post). Plugged in the one from the HP and for the first time I heard the Ericsson's boot chime. Progress at last! Though still no screen

Sat them next to each other, compared DMM measurements across some key components and when all looked the same... started swapping parts.

At the end, the Ericsson's motherboard and screen turned out to both be in working condition (no wonder I couldn't find anything faulty). The culprit was the ribbon cable.

Funny thing is both devises are from Sep '97 (judging from the dates stampeded in the plastic) however the Ericson's screen is green while the HP is white.

Anyone has a spare ROM chip and/or the flex cable?

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