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Preview of new videos to come

WallyB110 Page Icon Posted 2021-11-30 6:18 PM
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H/PC Philosopher

United States
I will finally have things going in motion ! Heres a preview of things to come. By Friday I should be set to do pretty much all the videos ive been wanting to do. I forgot to mention the Velo and HPCfactor again, but its in the description of the video. I get brain farts and if ya watch the video I had a txt document on my 360LX with things to mention and I had forgotten to add hpcfactor. Well I just added that to the list on my 360LX. So future videos will def have a shout out, sorry again.

Im excited and I look forward to doing my best to show you in a timely manner the ins and outs of these palmtops. :-)

-Walt B

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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2021-11-30 6:27 PM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
Looks like you will be busy!

Wrap your links in [ video=<link>] to embed it
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