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J720 Devuan(Linux) Mouse Right Click Fix

joval Page Icon Posted 2021-12-04 8:14 PM
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Northern California
For those of us using Stefan's great port of Devuan Linux this past year one recurring deficiency has been the lack of a "mouse right click" or its equivalency, and thus the inability to access various sub-menus, etc.

This has really made so called "headless connection" to ssh X-servers via VNCviewer, as well as many common J720 GUI programs difficult to interact with.

"Xdotool" however easily solves this problem. Open a terminal on the J720 or on say the RasPi Zero2. Enter "sudo xdotool click 3" on the command line (just "xdotool click 3" in J720 xterm) , then hold down the Alt key and tap on the Icon of interest.

You will see that the terminal window remains highlighted. release the Alt key, then, hit enter. You will now have the "right click" menu appear.

This is great for closing file manager folder, and especially for selecting audio output in VNC, ie, av jack, hdmi, Bluetooth (very important for RasPi Zero 2 as only bluetooth audio is possible). Anyway, you get the idea.

To install just open terminal and enter "apt install xdotool". You need to install it on both the J70 (may require Timob0's qemu emulator for stock J720 with 32Mb Rom as apt fails) and a second install on your RasPi or other server.

Now, Devuan is closer to being full featured on the J720(at least until some one comes up with a keymap that includes mouse right click)! So called headless (Caballero? ArchiMark! ) connection is now possible.

best regards,

joval .. again via J720/64MbRom/Devuan3.1.8.1BxZram/WPAwifi/RasPi Zero2 Overclocked Zram/VNC ZombieHybrid!

Edited by joval 2021-12-04 8:32 PM
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