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Biofeedback on Jornada 720 part 2 of my question

star222 Page Icon Posted 2005-08-07 9:07 PM
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Factorite (Senior)

I'm a mobile psychologist so I need easy to use and very handy small device solutions in my work. I need a biofeedback solution to help people to learn how to lower their stress level. I want to use my Jornada 720 for this.

I have an idea... Home I have a GSR2 skin sensor which
produces soud through speaker or earphones proportional to the stress level of the patient (tone is higher if more stress)...(look this to see what it is:

Do you know of a software that woud be able to transform the sound source of
this GSR2 (like pluging the output cable of GSR2 to the microphone wires input on
my Jornada with a special home made adaptor) in continuous visual graphic or
numbers values so it will give a feedback to patients to help them learn to
control immediatly their stress level just by watching screen feedback and follow my instructions to lower stress? May be music tone analyser or someting like that has been on the market for PDAs? Thanks if any idea or someone would be interested to create this (I accept to pay for serious solutions)...if any good solution, I would like to make it available to other Jornada owners to be able to use it home for personal health management... D Doucet
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cmonex Page Icon Posted 2005-08-08 11:54 AM
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H/PC Oracle

Budapest, Hungary
sorry, i don't know anything about this stuff, but it seems a very interesting idea
if you find the solution i'd like to know about it!

however i think it would have been a better idea to continue it in the original thread. and it would be even better if you didn't create the same thread two times. please don't do it in the future.
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