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torch Page Icon Posted 2022-08-03 1:54 AM
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I was able to purchase a license this last week with them as well. I paid $20 USD via PayPal email, and I received the code. Works great on my MobilePro 790
I will give a shout out, they were pleasant to work with
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PocketDOS Page Icon Posted 2023-02-13 2:39 PM
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MOOSE - 2022-06-05 2:20 AM

I spent 5-6 months learning assembly last year and gave a shot at reverse engineering the serial key generation for PocketDOS. I'm able to successfully generate any key for any system, but out of respect and legality I wont hand out keys.

However this is great for future wise, when keys are no longer possible to buy in any way, if the creator decides to stop selling. I still lurk this forum every few months so I'll be here to preserve this program when needed/allowed to.

But yet I find your key generator on this site, when the software is still for sale. That is neither respectful, nor legal. Shame on you!

Edited by PocketDOS 2023-02-13 2:40 PM
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