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Unorthodox H/PC Carrying Bags

torch Page Icon Posted 2022-08-19 7:05 PM
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(Disclaimer, I am not a gun owner nor am I advocating opening any kind of discussion about them here)
So I found a great carrying bag design for Handheld PCs but is a little unorthodox. I found these shooting range bags that have pockets that are perfect fit for PC Cards and extra battery packs / the like.
It literally is a perfect fit and holds everything I could possibly need and doesn’t take much space. Obviously I use this for my MobilePro so if you have a Jornada you could probably get away with something a little smaller.
I took some pictures.
Just an idea if you were looking for a carrying bag.




Attachments C7E71DB0-03C6-4250-B186-1DCE5454F7BC.jpeg (19KB - 17 downloads)
Attachments 458A16AF-579B-4A63-98FC-ECEDC03E9FD9.jpeg (22KB - 10 downloads)
Attachments 8C293CC5-960D-4079-9A68-FA9485CAD9A1.jpeg (21KB - 9 downloads)
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Jake Page Icon Posted 2022-08-19 8:55 PM
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Re: gun stuff--I needed a very high quality silicon lubricant for a squeaky 200LX hinge and eventually my search led my to a gun lubricant. It was hugely expensive and it didn't work, and though I don't own firearms, I didn't have an ethical issue buying the oil.

So nice find. The best case, IMHO, ever for the J720/similar-sized HPCs was the Texas Instrument calculator case. Fit like a glove and for a while, someone here was even selling them. I have two and wish I had bought more.

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