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Japanese MS-DOS programs

torch Page Icon Posted 2022-11-10 5:07 AM
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I located some Japanese MS-DOS programs here:
I pasted a cursory Google Translate of them too:
Software that has been released as free software for MS-DOS in the past is collected. Since everything is recorded, it is unknown whether it can withstand practical use now.
Some of them include those published as "Ayukawa Mizuki".

When downloading, please click the title part of the software.

please note

All of the software listed in this corner has been discontinued as "development completed", and regardless of what is written in the enclosed manual, we do not support or repair the software, including fixing bugs.
The software distributed from this website is distributed as-is (AS IS). The creators of this software, their affiliates, and distributors do not make any liability or warranty, express or implied.
Any form of export of the software posted on this website outside of Japan is prohibited.
This HomePage all software is banned export from Japan.

Console (MS-DOS) application

¦ XATTRI command Version 1.01 Production completed in 1991
This command was created with the idea that the file attribute conversion function often attached to software can be used on the command line of MS-DOS. After all, it's the first program I've made in six months since I started using a personal computer, so please take it easy.
Functionally, it is an extension of the ATTRIB command attached to MS-DOS, and can use normal attribute, read-only attribute, invisible attribute, system attribute, and archive attribute as attributes. Also, since all specifications are done on the command line, it can be used in the same way as a normal command.

If I remember correctly, ATTRIB was poor at the time, and I think I wanted to do something about it, but I forgot (laughs).
Created with MS-DOS 3.3C and QuickC.

¦ 98NOTE built-in modem controller Production completed in 1992
This program, as you can read, turns on/off the modem switch that can be built into the 98NOTE, and can prevent unnecessary power consumption when the modem is not in use. Other modem settings are usually done on the communication software side, so I decided not to do that with this program.

It seems ... I already forgot this, so I can't comment ^ _ ^;
Around this time, I was playing around with C language and assembler. The 98NOTE modem here is not the card modem these days, but the modem dedicated to the 9801 notebook.
I think it was made with MS-DOS 3.3C and MS-C 6.

¦ UNSYS Command Version 2.10 Production completed in 1992
It does the exact opposite of the MS-DOS SYS command, deleting or verifying DOS system files from a specified drive. I think I made it because I thought it was annoying to have a system in a floppy disk. It seems that it was convenient at that time, and I was featured in ASCII and 98 magazines. I was so happy.
Created with Microsoft C/C++ Version7.0A. It can be used with MS-DOS.

¦ RESET2 Completed production in 1994
It's just a simple software reset. It has no other functions.
At that time, it was distributed to Nifty. I didn't think it was really useful, but I received a lot of requests for repairs, so I did it after 3 years (laughs).
Created with Microsoft C/C++ Version7.0A. It can be used with MS-DOS.

¦ Extended Delete Version 3.11 Completed in 1995
It's an extended DEL command. It was a long-running piece of software that had been in development since 1991.
As a result of expanding various functions, I feel that the software has become a little overweight, but even now I sometimes receive requests. Well, as a console application, I'm proud that it's still usable enough. (It would be better to say "DOS Prompt" instead of "Console" now.) This was also published in various magazines, so I'm sure there are people who have seen it at least once. Huh?
Written in Microsoft C/C++. It can be used with MS-DOS 3.0 or higher.

¦ High-speed multi-move & copy Move Version 5.02 1998 Discontinued
This is the software I started making when DOS still had only the COPY command.
As a result of expanding various functions, this software also feels a little overweight, but it has been around for a long time and I put the most effort into it. I was aiming for a 32-bit version halfway through, but I stopped receiving requests for it halfway through, so I ended development without doing a 32-bit version.
I've also been featured in various magazines, so I'm sure there are people who think so too.
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